Nipping Puppies
First thing to remember is all puppies nip, bite, mouth. Call it what you want, it hurts! Know that it is how puppies play together so it's not mean spirited it's what puppies do. Having said that we need to teach puppies this is not how to interact with people. Patience and repetition!!! Remember she's just a baby. So, you need to reinforce this over and over. Never let her away with bad behaviour. And, correct the bad behaviour as soon as she is wrong. Now make a growl sound. Louder than that! Big GRRRRRRRRRRR like an angry dog, in a very deep tone. When she bites give a very big GRRRRRRRRRRR right in her face. She should stop immediately. If she doesn't you are not growling firm enough. This is doggy language. This is what mommy dog would do if the puppy was nipping at her. Never hit, smack or grab the nose. It doesn't work. Never turn away from her. Get right back in her face right away with a big GRRRRRRRRRRRR. And, praise her lavishly when she's good.