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Life At AllThat
Welcome! This second page contains pictures of our life and some of the critters here at our farm. There are silly pictures, fun pictures, pictures that need explaining and pictures that have stories to go with them.

We hope you enjoy this look into our lives.
Bichon puppies for sale
At dusk one of the many deer that live on our property
Bichon Frise breeder Bichon Frise puppys
Rhubarb and Sterling
Big surprise you say "a pig on a farm". But, this wasn't our pig. It just wandered onto our property and it took us 2 days to catch him. Note to the wise, never try to catch a pig by chasing it!
Bichon breeders
Bichon puppies for sale
Meet Harry our cow. We named him Harry after Harry Houdini the great escape artist.
Harry has mysteriously escaped our barn and pasture 5 times. Once he was found walking down the highway and was brought home by the police.
Bichon puppies for sale Bichon training
Goats Leo and Clover
Bichon Frise Training
Canada Geese in our field
Having fun with your Bichon Having fun with your Bichon
I can't find my shovel!
Having fun with your Bichon
Having fun with your Bichon
This turtle wandered onto the road
so we brought him back to our creek.
Curly, Larry and Moe
3 of our egg laying chickens
Bichon puppies
Bichon Frise puppies
Baby snake saved
from the kittens
our Bat Sleeping in a window sill
May and Preacher