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AllThat Bichon Frise Photos
Welcome! These pages contain pictures of our property our life and some of the critters here at our home and farm. There are silly pictures, fun pictures, pictures that need explaining and pictures that have stories to go with them.

We own 100 acres of land 25 acres is a wonderful forest with a creek running through. We fish for Brook Trout here. There are many deer, wild turkeys and lots of other wild animals that also call our forest home. We have a large old apple orchard where the deer love to hang around in the fall. There are vast raspberry and blackberry bushes. In the spring the edge of the forest floor is covered in Trilliums. We own this land so our dogs have plenty of room to run and play with us. They have a great life spending lots of time with us and playing with each other. Our property gives them lots of fresh air, training and experience. We spend a vast amount of time playing with our dogs. Whether we are at home, at a dog show, our dogs are our life and we spend our lives with them. I don't often still still. So when I'm difficult to get in touch with it's only because I'm playing with my darling Bichons.

We hope you enjoy this look into our lives.
Bichon puppy pictures
Bichon Frise puppy pictures
Bichon photos
Bichon pictures
Bichon pics
Bichon Frise pics
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Bichon Frise pictures

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