Puppy Eating Their Own Feces
Yes, poop eating is gross. And, there is no magic solution. Unfortunate as it's disgusting. Most dogs outgrow it quickly. It's a simple case of "it smells so I should put it in my mouth". It's not that a dog is dirty or not intelligent. Dogs have approximately 1/10th of the taste buds we do. Go outside with your puppy everytime for puddlies. Scoop as soon as she poops. Then you're not giving her much of a chance to eat it. If she tries to eat it say "AHHHHHHHH" or "NOOOOOOOOO". Picking it up right away is the best solution. For when you're not there just make sure she has plenty of other things to do and to play with then she'll be less apt to eat poop. Have balls, kongs, etc. outside for her. She should outgrow it soon.