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About Us
I believe dogs can be our best friends and an important part of our lives. I appreciate the bond I have with my dogs. They are members of my family. To me, my dogs are loyal, kind and loving. They don't care what you look like or how much money you have. They are always there to give and receive your love and companionship.

I am a fully accredited Veterinary Assistant and certified groomer. I persued this learning to become a more knowledgable breeder. I wanted to learn more about the physical health of animals. It is critical that a breeder have the knowledge of the animal health field. This will help ensure that I can take preventative measures to ensure the quality of health and life of our dogs and puppies. Also, I can better recognize if a dog does show symptoms of an illness.

I use to own a pet store. Which I loved. I loved working and being with animals. I was a very particular owner in that educating adults and children about their pets was (and is) of the utmost importance. I rarely sold puppies in my store. I never sold puppies and kittens at Christmas. And, I never sold rabbits at Easter. I didn't want people buying an animal for the wrong reasons.

I was actively involved with several organizations to aide in the welfare of wild and domestic animals. I worked with the Huron County Humane Society - fundraising, public education and finding homes for animals. I was a committee member for Ducks Unlimited, Huron County branch. I was a rescuer and member with O.W.R.E.N. - Ontario Wildlife Research and Education Network. Also, I've written (and have been published) different articles regarding dogs.

I have been a breeder for well over 20 years. I have always loved and appreciated the fabulous traits and characteristics of a Bichon. We share the same intensity, zest for life and kind disposition. I can't imagine life without our Bichons. I am also very blessed with amazing children whom I adore. Wonderfully they share the same love that I have for our dear dogs.

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